Prepare your dream with art.

My Work

My Work

Those paintings reflects my soul and my vision.

About Me

I started painting as a hobby when I was little.

My name is : Client Name

I push myself to be abstract in the details while still achieving the perception of reality.
When I paint, I never blend. Instead, I layer thousands of marks side-by-side, swaths of color that are then translated by the observer.
Two inches of canvas viewed from a few inches away might have a hundred brush strokes that seem to form nothing, but when the piece is considered as a whole, the effect is highly representational.

I’m fortunate to have my work regularly displayed in galleries and covered in the media.
A journalist once said that my “treatment of everyday objects transcends their utilitarian elements.”
To me, the objects themselves are transcendent, which is what I try to capture when I paint.


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